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DSK Group, Inc. has over 34 years of experience and offers a range of HR services normally available only to large corporations. We take the weight off your shoulders, allowing you to explore growth and greater profitability. Contract with DSK Group, Inc. to devote more time to your core business and improve employee benefits.

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Authorized by Internal Revenue Code SS 414(n), employee leasing is an excellent business solutions tool. By leasing your workers, you join forces with DSK Group, Inc. to address the problems that confront a business every day. Your business will run better, and the headaches of being an employer will virtually disappear.

  • DSK takes the State and Federal Government out of your business as far as your employees are concerned.
  • DSK provides more and better benefits at less cost, which helps you to attract and keep higher quality employees.
  • Best of all, with DSK, there is just one tax-deductible entry per pay period.

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