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Answers to Your PEO Questions

If your Professional Employer Organization question is not answered here please feel free to contact us for assistance.

What is a PEO?
A PEO, or Professional Employer Organization, is an organization that your business can contract with to outsource various administrative functions. PEOs act as co-employers by assuming the tasks of human resources, payroll, benefits, taxes, risk management and other functions — allowing you to focus entirely on revenue generation, strategic planning and customer service.

Small businesses around the country are turning to PEOs more and more — both to liberate owners and managers from excessive paperwork, and to offer employees improved benefits and services that PEOs provide. And it seems to be working for all parties: a recent study found that 95% of businesses that try a PEO stay with a PEO.

Because DSK Group believes that PEOs can improve small business performance, we have added additional services and have outlined the benefits for our customers.

How can a PEO benefit my business?
  • More time for Core Business – If your small business is like most, the owners and managers can spend a quarter of their time or more dealing with payroll, benefits and compliance issues. Contracting these time-consuming jobs to a PEO means more of your time is spent pursuing your core business objectives.
  • Better Employee Benefits – Because DSK Group, Inc. provides benefits for employees across the country we use economies of scale to bring your employees a wider range of benefits. This leads to increased employee satisfaction, better retention and an increased ability to attract the best employees.
  • Reduce Your Risk – A PEO like DSK Group, Inc. shares the responsibility and legal liability for the “business of employment,” including human resources, payroll and employee taxes, labor law compliance, benefits administration, workers’ compensation, risk management and more.
  • Controlled Costs and Increased Efficiency – PEOs can handle administrative functions anywhere from 1/3 to 2/3 the cost your business will incur doing it yourself. Giving a PEO responsibility for all of your “business of employment” is far more cost-efficient than outsourcing individual vendors.




What are the advantages of a PEO for my business?

Thousands of business owners and managers have discovered the advantages of using a PEO to handle their Human Resources tasks. PEOs help all types of companies and employees.

Some advantages for businesses to use a PEO include:

  • Better control of costs
  • Help to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Keep and attract employees with better benefits
  • Management of your workers’ compensation risks
  • Will reduce payroll and accounting costs
  • Advanced Human Resources services
  • And more . . .
How will my employees benefit from a PEO?

Some advantages for employees to work for a company that uses a PEO include:

  • Accurate and timely payroll services
  • Comprehensive employee benefits previously unavailable
  • Portable benefits
  • Professional assistance with employment-related problems
  • Improved worksite safety
  • Professional orientation and employee handbook
  • Regulatory compliance and statutory protection
  • Better employer/employee communications
  • Efficient and responsive claims processing
  • And more . . .
How does an arrangement with a PEO work?

Once a client company contracts with a PEO, the PEO will then co-employ the client’s worksite employees. In the relationship among a PEO, a worksite employee, and a client company, there exists a co-employment relationship in which both the PEO and client company have an employment relationship with the worker.

The PEO assumes responsibility and liability for the “business of employment” such as risk management, personnel management, human resource compliance, and payroll and employee tax compliance. The client company retains responsibility for and manages product development and production, business operations, marketing, sales, and service. The PEO and the client will share certain responsibilities for employment law compliance. As a co-employer, the PEO will often provide a complete human resource and benefit package for the worksite employees.

How many Americans are employed in a co-employment PEO arrangement?

It is estimated that 2-3 million Americans are currently co-employed in a PEO arrangement. PEOs are operating in every state and the industry continues to grow at an average of 20% each year. It is estimated there are around 800 PEO companies who are responsible for generating more than $43 billion in gross revenues.

What does DSK Group, Inc. offer my business?

Payroll – DSK Group’s Certified Payroll Specialists assume responsibility for paying your employees’ wages and all applicable taxes, as well as reporting and record-keeping.

Human Resources – All administrative issues, from setting HR policy to employee staffing and counseling, are provided by experts who stay abreast of what you need to know.

Compliance Management – We keep human resources in compliance with all federal and state laws, without reading thousands of pages or paying a lawyer.

Benefits Management – DSK Group, Inc. will offer your employees a wider range of benefits and assume fiduciary responsibility for keeping plans compliant with federal and state laws.

Workers Compensation – Complete administration from negotiations with carriers to claims investigations.

Risk Management – DSK Group, Inc. will assist in making sure that the workplace is safe and compliant and handle the related reporting and record keeping.

High-Value Services – Extra DSK Group, Inc. services include 401(K), Medical, Life, Disability, Dental, Vision, etc. coverage; Section 125 Plans.

How do I pay DSK Group, Inc. for your services?

You can pay by wire transfer, cashier’s check or other certified funds, or a company check with approved credit.

Always feel free to contact us with questions and we would be happy to give you any information on payment methods that you may need.

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